Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3: Joziflow

For week 3, I decided to learn Joziflow. I saw the video on yoyoskills and knew immediately that I had to learn it. The trick is a TON of fun to do. There's just something about the way you swing the yoyo around that has a really smooth feel to it.

A tip for this one is in the last step, where you swing back to a 1.5, you want to keep the string from your throwhand finger to your yoyo as taught as possible. This is so that the yoyo doesn't try and bind itself from string wrapping around the bearing. You are after all, swinging "against the grain." The way I do this is moving my non-throw-hand back slightly, taking up the slack.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 2: Superman

So for week 2 I decided to be a bit ambitious and learn a trick I should've learned a long time ago. Superman is a wicked trick, and I'll tell you the truth, I'm having a bit of trouble with it. I'm still a bit hit-and-miss, especially with the last swing through the triangle.

I don't really have any tips for this one, except that everyone should learn it, it's got some pretty common moves in some of the more advanced tricks. Also, it would be a lot easier to learn it with an undersized yoyo that's got a nice grinding surface. Something like an 888x or Wasabi would be perfect. The undersized helps with the pops and swing-throughs, and the grinding surface helps you try again when you hit your hand.

Videos again are coming soon, I know I keep saying that but I really need to clean the apartment before I show it to the world. My video workflow could use a lot of work as well, I may need to switch to an SD card reader instead of doing USB straight from the camera.

Videos are up now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 1: Man and Brother Slack Pinwheel to Ninja GT

So just to start off easy, I'm going to start out with just a single move. It's something I saw in The Letter Blue. I saw it and I had to try it. Turns out it's pretty easy once I get the hang of the speed of it. Seems like the real secret is in how you pop the yoyo off the string. It needs to move horizontally a bit, towards your free hand.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Introduction and Goal

Hey everyone, I'd like to start by introducing myself. I'm Guillaume, I've been yoyoing on and off for the past 10 years or so. I started way back when the X-Brain came out. I got one of those and a Fireball for Christmas and was hooked. I was pretty serious into it for 5 or 6 years, but then came university, and my priorities shifted more to my studies. Now that I've got a steady job, I'm back into it. I've been back into yoyoing seriously for about a year now, and have been having fun with all of these great new yoyos.

For new years, I decided that I hadn't really been learning enough tricks. I'm hoping that learning more tricks will help me improve my abysmal 11th place finish at Canadian nationals last year. That and maybe playing in front of crowds more.

This blog is here to help me keep track of the tricks I've learned and to keep me on track for learning more.

The Goal:
1 new trick per week.

I'll learn it, post a video of me doing it, and add a short post detailing anything I think is important about the trick or yoyo I'm using.

Here's to hoping I can keep up with this grueling trick learning schedule!