Friday, May 27, 2011

Guy Wright Wrist Mount Hook aka Interrobang!?

First off, I'd like to thank Guy Wright for letting me name this trick. It's very nice of him and just proves how much of a cool guy he is.

I first saw this trick in a Guy Wright video, sadly I don't remember which one. So you should take this upon yourself to go and watch all of his videos. ALL OF THEM. It'll totally be worth your time.

I eventually decided on the name interrobang (that's the punctuation mark !?) because of the way the trick flows. You start with an And Whut? hop in a wrist mount, and go into some chopsticks. This is the interro part, as you're wondering what's going on. Then, you drop the wrist, and do a mini hook. That's the bang part because it's really quite sudden and impressive.

The hard part in this trick is without a doubt the hook. You've got to line up your string just so, and get the speed of the hook just right. It's classic Guy Wright; when you get it smooth, it looks effortless and impressive.

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