Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 7: Asian Pops

Pretty simple one this time as I'm gearing up for a much more complicated combo. I've seen this trick a bunch of times in freestyles and I always thought it looked awesome but could never figure out how to do it.

Thankfully 2 people at the Toronto yoyo meetup knew how to do it and were nice enough to show me. I didn't get it right off the bat, I had to experiment a bit to find what worked for me. It turns out that the trick is much easier if instead of folding your index finger to have the string slip off, you simply aim your pointer finger outwards as the yoyo loops around.

Also, fair warning, you can only do this trick at 2 speeds: fast, and faster.

Lastly, you'll note that I'm using a new setup for my videos. I find that it looks much better and it's easier to see my string. Plus it's in HD. I've filmed a few of the other tricks here with the new setup. I'll gradually replace all the videos with better versions, but for now, there's about half that have been replaced.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6: Laddertower X

The trick this week is a bit of a longer combo by raytsh of ILYY fame. It's a pretty entertaining trick with a really good tutorial for it already. Nothing is really unclear in it so I'll just say that the hardest part is sliding the right side of the slack into the gap after the first tower. It's really quite finicky as you can see in the video.

I'll be re-filming a lot of the tricks with a better background, better lighting, and better clothing. Generally everything to make the string easier to see. An amateur mistake to be sure. But since I've already filmed and uploaded today's trick I may as well post it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 5.5: Mateusz Ganc EYYC Bind

Considering that the last trick was super-easy and kind of a cheat, I've decided to add a second (fairly simple) trick this week.

It's the last bind from Mateusz Ganc's 2nd place EYYC freestyle. As far as binds go it's fairly complex, but it's pretty simple once you nail all the elements individually. The hard part is actually getting it to bind. It may have just been that the yoyo I was using had slippy binds due to old silicon, thin string, and cold weather, but I had trouble making the bind stick.

Learning it is pretty easy, it helps if you break down the tricks into the individual elements, the chopsticks catch, the transition, the slack, and the actual bind. It might also help if you learned some of the other slack binds.

It's totally flashy though, and I plan on using it whenever possible because it's really that awesome. Also tons of fun to do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 5: Simple Hop Spin Repeater

I was on an oldies trip this week and was watching a ton of videos from Sector Y. Somewhere in there was a trick the Steve Brown was doing that was really simple and really slick. From trapeze, he'd pop up the yoyo a bit, the do an And-Whut style rotation around the yoyo with the throw hand then untwist his non-throw hand. When done doc-pop style and fairly quickly it looks really slick. The video should show it off pretty well.

Week 4: Arm Wraps

This isn't so much a single trick as a technique or trick style. I've put off learning these far too long. There's some sort of arm wrap in nearly every freestyle these days, some hard, some easy. So what I've done is come up with 1 trick, and learn 1 move.

The trick was pretty tricky to come up with, but it's based on a trick I saw in box_09. The important part of the trick is when I flip the yoyo overtop of my hand while in a twisted wrap. It takes some practice to make this look smooth and land it on the string. To be honest, I'm not entirely there yet with the smoothness.

There's a few tricks to the combo. First thing I do upon landing trapeze is a pop and rotate the string around the yoyo, this is to make the yoyo come off my finger and around the top without creating another twist in the string. It helps the smoothness. The second trick is at the end, when I come out of the second arm wrap I'm in a reverse GT. Using a technique I saw in Gunslinger, adapted to this trick, I reverse the triangle. It's a neat move to have in my repertoire.

Also, I got a Nokia N900 this week, so I'll be trying to film video with that instead. It's much more portable.

Videos are up now.