Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 17: Double or Nothing Long Combo

This week is again a departure form usual. This is a combo I made up. It uses elements that I made up over the past year or so. There's inspiration here from Doc Pop, Jeff Donovan, Citadel, and Frank Orben (raytsh).

The beginning is based off of Time Twister with the bounded pop (I guess they call that a bend now?), the section after that with over-rotating a mach 5 is something I made up, there's some Doc Pop right after that with a lover's leap and trap door. Moving from the trap door to a fold is an extension of a growing rock the baby combo I used to do a lot. The move from reverse GT to a standard GT is something I saw in raytsh's gunslinger trick. The one finger spin and reversal is an extension of something I saw Jeff Donovan do in an old String Cheese video (those were the best, such awesome talent in there, still want to learn agent orange and code red). The rest of the trick is all mine, though I hear that Mickey does something similar with a backhand suicide catch.

Enjoy the trick, and if you want to learn any part of it (or all of it) I'd be glad to show you in person.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 16: Sebastian Brock Decade Trick Breakdown

I originally learned this trick off of the decade video that Citadel posted, it's right after the second song change. I showed off this trick at one of the regular Yo-Yo Toronto meetups and immediately had several requests to show them how to do it. So, while this isn't a full tutorial, the video's got a nice breakdown from several angles, and I'll write down what's going on.

Start by throwing a buddha mount (aborted 1.5 basically), but grasp the string coming off your throw hand with your ring finger and pinky such that the string comes out the bottom of your hand now. This is to create some space later on in the trick. Drop the strings off your non throw hand, or alternatively, just bring your non throw hand in close to your throw hand. Now, pluck the middle string with your non throw hand index and pull it back behind the string, and to your left a bit (assuming right handed here). Now, bring that string, still behind the other strings, underneath your throw hand, straightening out your index as you go. Use that momentum to tighten the strings a bit and hop the yoyo up, behind the strings, and around the strings twice. The key here is to keep the strings fairly taught. Practice time twister or figure 9 if need be. Now, uncross your hands, curling in both index fingers to hold the strings, and repeat the hop and spin maneuver in the same direction. If all goes well, you can just straighten out your non throw hand index finger, and drop the strings on your throw hand, and you should be in trapeze.

Good luck!

Week 15: Peril

I originally found this trick when I was out trolling the internet for new yoyo tricks to learn. The double triangle stretch-through intrigued me so I decided that I'd give it a shot. If you have seen rethink yoyo yet, check it out, it's got some pretty neat tricks that are totally worth learning.

The hard part in this trick is the first pass through the triangle. It's really easy to get the string coming off the yoyo the wrong way, or to have the yoyo rub up against your hand because your triangle's too small. There's a lot of really easy ways for it to go wrong. That being said however, it's a really entertaining trick, and the stretch-throughs will reall wow your audience, no matter who they are (except Yuuki Spencer, or Shinya Kido, I doubt they'd be impressed, though likely very polite).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 14: Kanta

Sorry for the short hiatus, I had some things to attend to, so now I've got a backlog of uploads to do.

This trick is called Kanta, I originally saw it in the ILYY 2009 Team Video when I was looking for some decent frontstyle tricks to learn. Unfortunately, the angle in the beginning is really hard to see, so I asked crackout on twitter if he could provide a better angle. To my surprise, he did! So thank you crackout, for making this post possible.

The hard part in this trick is the mount, it's quite difficult to aim the yoyo (especially larger ones) into the gap between the strings. It helps if you use both your index fingers to get a bigger angle on the string. That way the string you're aiming for is in the middle of the gap in the strings. The only other difficult part in the trick is the stretch through the triangle, but it's just a matter of trial and error until you get the right configuration.