Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 5.5: Mateusz Ganc EYYC Bind

Considering that the last trick was super-easy and kind of a cheat, I've decided to add a second (fairly simple) trick this week.

It's the last bind from Mateusz Ganc's 2nd place EYYC freestyle. As far as binds go it's fairly complex, but it's pretty simple once you nail all the elements individually. The hard part is actually getting it to bind. It may have just been that the yoyo I was using had slippy binds due to old silicon, thin string, and cold weather, but I had trouble making the bind stick.

Learning it is pretty easy, it helps if you break down the tricks into the individual elements, the chopsticks catch, the transition, the slack, and the actual bind. It might also help if you learned some of the other slack binds.

It's totally flashy though, and I plan on using it whenever possible because it's really that awesome. Also tons of fun to do.

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