Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 4: Arm Wraps

This isn't so much a single trick as a technique or trick style. I've put off learning these far too long. There's some sort of arm wrap in nearly every freestyle these days, some hard, some easy. So what I've done is come up with 1 trick, and learn 1 move.

The trick was pretty tricky to come up with, but it's based on a trick I saw in box_09. The important part of the trick is when I flip the yoyo overtop of my hand while in a twisted wrap. It takes some practice to make this look smooth and land it on the string. To be honest, I'm not entirely there yet with the smoothness.

There's a few tricks to the combo. First thing I do upon landing trapeze is a pop and rotate the string around the yoyo, this is to make the yoyo come off my finger and around the top without creating another twist in the string. It helps the smoothness. The second trick is at the end, when I come out of the second arm wrap I'm in a reverse GT. Using a technique I saw in Gunslinger, adapted to this trick, I reverse the triangle. It's a neat move to have in my repertoire.

Also, I got a Nokia N900 this week, so I'll be trying to film video with that instead. It's much more portable.

Videos are up now.

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