Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 9: Reverse Suicide

Trick for this week is another simple one as I'm once again gearing up for a very complicated combo. Actually two of them, we'll see which one I master first.

I saw this move in Unagi and immediately knew I wanted to do it. Basically, it's the reverse of a one-handed suicide, hence, reverse suicide (not sure of the real name). In a normal one-handed suicide, you throw the yoyo under your throwhand, it goes above your throw hand, and you catch the look with your throw hand's thumb. This is in fact exactly the opposite. You start from a trapeze around your thumb, rotate the yoyo above your throw hand, it goes below your throw hand, and you catch it with your non-throw-hand index finger.

Pretty simple in theory, fairly difficult in practice. The hard part is the timing for letting go of the loop. Too early, and you'll end up dropping the yoyo or binding, too late and the yoyo will go the wrong direction. Once you nail it, it'll feel awesome.

I've included two shots of me doing it in the video, just because it's hard to capture on camera without some sort of slow mo. I'll look into that, but for now, two shots will have to do.

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