Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 8: Second Trick from Unagi

Well, for the first time since I've started this blog, I'm showing a trick whose name I don't know. It's the second trick in Crackout's Unagi video. The trick starts around 27 seconds in to the video.

This is a pretty awesome tricks for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it's a trick by Crackout that Raytsh hasn't made a tutorial for. Secondly, it starts with a rejection and goes straight into some chopsticks, that takes some balls. Lastly, then last bit with the slack is totally epic and an excellent example of directly manipulating the slack. If done properly it really shows control over both the string and yoyo.

Honestly, if you know how to do all of the individual parts this trick isn't too hard to learn. The beginning rejection is really easy to do if you've ever tried to learn figure 9 (interestingly enough that trick is based off a fighter jet maneuver). In fact you've probably done it accidentally more times than you'd like. The slack just takes some practice to get right and isn't that complicated. The hardest part of the trick is really getting the finger positioning right to do the two pops over your throw hand.

All in all, an awesome trick. I guess I should ask Crackout if the trick has a name.

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