Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 19: GT Slack Stall

This one is a fun trick I picked up at a YoYoToronto meetup that Stephen taught me. It's a pretty simple trick but it just looks so very cool.

The ninja-vanish stall makes it look like you're going to do some Guy Wright-esque suicide combo, but unexpectedly you whip the string into the gap. It looks like you've messed up, but then with a quick rotation around your hand, like magic, a GT appears!

The only hard part to this trick is getting the whipped slack to the right length. Too little and you'll either miss or drop the slack into the gap, getting you a knot. Too long, and you'll either whip too much, or the wrong part into the gap, or the yoyo will gyro off the string. Just takes a bit of practice.

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