Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 17: Double or Nothing Long Combo

This week is again a departure form usual. This is a combo I made up. It uses elements that I made up over the past year or so. There's inspiration here from Doc Pop, Jeff Donovan, Citadel, and Frank Orben (raytsh).

The beginning is based off of Time Twister with the bounded pop (I guess they call that a bend now?), the section after that with over-rotating a mach 5 is something I made up, there's some Doc Pop right after that with a lover's leap and trap door. Moving from the trap door to a fold is an extension of a growing rock the baby combo I used to do a lot. The move from reverse GT to a standard GT is something I saw in raytsh's gunslinger trick. The one finger spin and reversal is an extension of something I saw Jeff Donovan do in an old String Cheese video (those were the best, such awesome talent in there, still want to learn agent orange and code red). The rest of the trick is all mine, though I hear that Mickey does something similar with a backhand suicide catch.

Enjoy the trick, and if you want to learn any part of it (or all of it) I'd be glad to show you in person.

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