Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 16: Sebastian Brock Decade Trick Breakdown

I originally learned this trick off of the decade video that Citadel posted, it's right after the second song change. I showed off this trick at one of the regular Yo-Yo Toronto meetups and immediately had several requests to show them how to do it. So, while this isn't a full tutorial, the video's got a nice breakdown from several angles, and I'll write down what's going on.

Start by throwing a buddha mount (aborted 1.5 basically), but grasp the string coming off your throw hand with your ring finger and pinky such that the string comes out the bottom of your hand now. This is to create some space later on in the trick. Drop the strings off your non throw hand, or alternatively, just bring your non throw hand in close to your throw hand. Now, pluck the middle string with your non throw hand index and pull it back behind the string, and to your left a bit (assuming right handed here). Now, bring that string, still behind the other strings, underneath your throw hand, straightening out your index as you go. Use that momentum to tighten the strings a bit and hop the yoyo up, behind the strings, and around the strings twice. The key here is to keep the strings fairly taught. Practice time twister or figure 9 if need be. Now, uncross your hands, curling in both index fingers to hold the strings, and repeat the hop and spin maneuver in the same direction. If all goes well, you can just straighten out your non throw hand index finger, and drop the strings on your throw hand, and you should be in trapeze.

Good luck!

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